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Cape Cod Dog Park

Cape Cod dog park

Taking your dog for a walk. While there are plenty of open places on Cape Cod to walk a dog, they mostly require a leash. The Cape Cod beaches are strictly off limits during the tourist season, however leashed dogs are allowed on the National Seashore beaches after 5 pm. There are several dog parks and open spaces specifically for dogs to meet and play off leash. Note: Clean up after your dog. Mutt Mitts … Read more…

Cape Cod Pet Grooming

Cape Cod dog grooming

Will the family dog join you on your Cape Cod Vacation? Does your pet need a little special attention while on vacation too? Why not treat your pup to a vacation grooming with a professional pet groomer? Try one of these services to pamper your pet. And for all-day or over-night care consider a Cape Cod dog kennel nearby to your rental. Cape Cod also has several parks to play off leash!!! Buttons & Bows Mobile … Read more…

Cape Cod Kennels and Dog Care

Cape Cod Dog Kennel

It’s great to bring your dog on vacation with the rest of the family. But what if your vacation rental doesn’t allow pets? Or if they do, do you leave your dog alone all day while you go to the beach or shopping? You can board your pet in a nearby kennel where they can be taken out for a dog walk and play time visit with you during the day. Or choose a kennel where they … Read more…