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5 Great Ways to Encourage Our Guests to Book Direct

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There are many beneficial reasons to encourage our guests to book direct, some that may even be surprising. When guests are in the market for a great vacation rental, they are excited about their upcoming vacation and are probably not considering that there may be better options than booking through an online travel agency such as Airbnb, TripAdvisor, etc. Here are several reasons why booking direct is a better option versus an online travel agency. … Read more…

Book Direct Vacation Rental

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What are Direct Bookings? Direct bookings are tenants who reserve vacation rentals directly through our Cape Cod agency. A person who books a vacation rental online at is considered a direct booking with our business. In addition, someone who stops by one of our three Cape Cod offices and makes a reservation is also considered a direct booking. What are Indirect Bookings? Indirect bookings are reservations that are generated at online travel agency sites … Read more…