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#5 Cape Cod Activity: Watch a Cape Cod Bay Sunset


The elegant glacial curve of Cape Cod provides the opportunity to view both sunrise and sunset over natural seascapes of sparkling water. Cape Cod Oceanview Realty vacation rentals recommends on the #5 things to do – to watch a Cape Cod Bay sunset. The westward facing Cape Cod Bay shoreline from Sandwich to Provincetown attracts small crowds every evening to witness the dazzling spectacle and celebrate the beauty of the environment. Don’t hesitate to bring … Read more…

The Anatomy of an Offer – Part 1


You’ve been looking for months. You’re already pre-approved for a mortgage. You FINALLY found the right home. Now what? Well it’s time to put your money where your pen is and write up an offer! The offer tells the Seller the terms under which you would like to purchase his home. The key elements to an offer are price, dates, and contingencies. We’ll take a look at each separately in this 3-part blog series! The … Read more…

What’s A Home REALLY Worth?


Congratulations! After months of searching, you FINALLY found the perfect Cape Cod home for you and your family. But the list price seems a bit high. How do you know what the home is really worth? First, let’s discuss the term “worth”. In most cases, a home’s market value is a range, not a precise number. You may feel a home is worth $700K while another buyer may be willing to go as high as … Read more…