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Making Extra Income Has Never Been This Easy

Renting can be an excellent way to retain the use of your home for part of the vacation season while deriving added income during the remaining weeks. As with most business ventures however, successful renting is predicated on a positive, realistic understanding of the rental business. It’s essential that you, as landlord, possess a belief in the basic integrity of people.

Nine out of ten tenants enjoy and respect the property they rent. Add to this attitude the importance of consideration. Vacationers expect and deserve to rent a well maintained, well equipped, attractively furnished home. Recognize that your preconceived ideas on rental fees, appropriate furnishings and equipment, and proper home maintenance may not meet rental standards. Implementing the advice of an experienced rental agent can transform your house into an inviting vacation home.

While most rental agents do not perform the work of property managers, a reputable rental agent will assist homeowners in a variety of ways, ranging from opening a home for cable TV or phone installations to arranging for appliance repairs to scheduling appointments for pest control services. A reliable rental agent with good PR skills will also provide prompt, efficient service for tenants, cultivating friendly relationships which turn people into yearly visitors to your home.

If you’re thinking about renting, please contact our vacation rental specialists.

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