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Shoulder season vacation

Shoulder Season Vacation Rentals

Shoulder Season — here’s what that means and why it’s the best time to travel

Shoulder season-04Are you a competitive traveler looking at the off-season for a good deal? Check out Cape Cod Oceanview Vacation Rental listings for reduced weekly prices or added amenities to attract travelers to the shoulder season.

Rental property rates may have been just fine for early-in-the-season bookers who were more than happy to pay a premium to stay in their preferred accommodation, but they may not be competitive enough for last-minute vacation travelers.

Shoulder season-05Check out our Cape Cod Vacation Special Offers on our website for highlighted specials or use our easy to navigate online Search Rentals tool.

Narrow down your selection by availability, home features, towns and amenities. We offer frequently updated competitive rental options for last minute and shoulder season bookings.


Shoulder season-02What is shoulder season?

Vacation rental properties are often discounted during the fall because fewer people are traveling during that time (kids are back in school, and many take their vacation days during the summer or holidays). So, in addition to saving money, you’re also likely going to avoid crowds and jam-packed sites.


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