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5 Great Ways to Encourage Our Guests to Book Direct

There are many beneficial reasons to encourage our guests to book direct, some that may even be surprising. When guests are in the market for a great vacation rental, they are excited about their upcoming vacation and are probably not considering that there may be better options than booking through an online travel agency such as Airbnb, TripAdvisor, etc. Here are several reasons why booking direct is a better option versus an online travel agency.

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No Hidden Fees

When using online travel agencies, you are paying for hidden fees (often in the hundreds of dollars) that you don’t even know about. Cape Cod Oceanview Realty will break down where all of your hard-earned money is going and it will typically cost less than booking through an online travel agency.

Local Expertise

Online travel agencies do not know the ins and outs of Cape Cod like our rental team does. Our vacation agents are area experts and know great things to do, places to eat, and can help you find the perfect vacation rental that suits all of your needs and wants.


Nobody wants to think about a mishap on vacation, but let’s be honest … occasionally, stuff happens. When guests book through an online travel agency, who are they going to call when a problem arises at an off hour? Or the refrigerator stops working? The list goes on. When vacation rentals are booked through Oceanview, guests get the customer service and peace of mind they deserve.

Large Pool of Vacation Rentals

When guests book direct through Oceanview, they have a larger pool of Cape Cod vacation rentals to choose from than most online sites.

Supports Local Economy

Booking through an online travel agency helps line the pockets of already wealthy CEO’s. When guests book direct, not only are they helping a local, family owned property management company thrive, but also contributing to the local economy as well. This is an opportunity for guests to invest in the beautiful Cape Cod community that hosts their beloved vacations.


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Book Direct for the best deals and cost saving opportunities.

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