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Cape Cod House Architecture

Can you spot the different regional architectural house styles around Cape Cod? Have fun as you tour around the Cape and see if you can check off this list of the different historic styles of early New England.


Full Cape___ Classic Full Cape

The most popular home design is the classic Cape. The typical “Cape” has a simple, unembellished appearance, a rectangular footprint with a center chimney, and a centered front door with two windows to either side. The gable end has two larger and two smaller windows. You will rarely see a porch or decorative embellishments on a traditional Cape Cod home.


3-4th cape___ Three-quarter Cape

Variations on a full Cape are the three-quarter with three front windows.




Half Cape___ Half Cape

And the half Cape with two front windows and the door to the side.




greek___ Greek Revival

The next popular wave to come ashore was the Greek Revival, which is often a Cape style house with the pointed, gable end turned to the front. Columns, pilasters and porches were added as adornment became more accepted.



queenanne2__ Queen Anne

A less frequent design found on Cape Cod is the Queen Anne, but several fine examples may be spotted, particularly along Route 6A. The Queen Anne style is eclectic with a variety of elaborate motifs, decorated gables, and towers. The towers and turrets were capped with a conical, domed, or other artfully shaped roof and finished off with slate shingles and a copper finial ornament. Single-story, wrap-around porches were essential to detached Queen Anne style homes.



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