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What Side Are You On?

With Springs arrival the sound of hammers, saws and birds are filling the air of Cape Cod. Home improvements are just a fact of life in keep up appearances. The real question is:  clapboard or vinyl? With pros and cons defining the desirability of either type of siding, which do you choose?

Following are some facts about each:

  • When considering vinyl be aware that decorative molding will be stripped and artistic details removed in order to accommodate the plastic covering. So, if you own an antique or older home, this means losing those unique aspects of its personality.
  • However, vinyl’s lower cost, durability (it’s dent-free), virtually maintenance-free attributes (power washing it restores it to an almost-new condition), and its clapboard-like appearance from a distance, make it a natural, not to mention sensible, choice for many homeowners.
  • On the flip side, it’s hard to top the appearance of clapboard—whether close-up or from a distance—although it comes with strings attached. Upkeep requirements, including scraping, painting, and at times, replacement of boards, in addition to a considerably higher price tag, bring many people around to the practicality of vinyl.

So, will it be clapboard or vinyl? There are positives to recommend each. And of course, your own needs and preferences will determine your selection, as will certain property locations.

Thus, residents of the Lower and Outer Cape will want to keep in mind the predominance and popularity of clapboard in those areas.