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two signs - for sale by owner vs Realtor


You might not believe it but Spring is here and with that comes prospective buyers dreaming of a summer vacation. What does this mean for you? ANSWER: this is a great time to sell.

But, should you act as your own real estate agent? And if you do, will you be successful?

Consider these points:

Today’s savvy buyers know the real estate market. How well versed are you in such marketing know-how as using appraisal values, for yours and comparable homes, to establish a realistic asking price? Are you aware of overpricing and underpricing pitfalls that can undermine a sale?

Knowing how to “sell the sizzle” is essential. We aren’t talking about a nice steak on a grill either. Are you familiar with the most effective ways to advertise and promote your home, as well as which publications and online sites are most appropriate for your property?

If you are able to receive an offer, will you be able to hold the sale together? An agent has a huge advantage in the negotiation process to obtain maximum dollars for your property. In addition to being conversant with rules, regulations, completion of required forms and applications, federal and local disclosures, will you feel confident in drafting a purchase and sales agreement, with contingencies that are in your best interest?

Furthermore, are you prepared to oversee the all-important home inspection (frequently the cause of sales falling apart), along with the determination of a bank to hold the escrow monies, a mortgage lender and attorney for the buyer, writing of the statement of settlement costs, and arranging for recording the deed? For an untrained seller, these could be daunting tasks to undertake.

Can you sell your home on your own? Of course. Nonetheless, after assessing your knowledge of current real estate conditions, proven marketing techniques, the benefits of access to the Multiple Listing Service and the MLS Assistant program, and how practiced you are with regard to government regs and potential legal issues, you may decide to leave the sale of your home to an experienced professional who will put his or her expertise and guidance to work for you.

Bottom line, would you do your own surgery… we didn’t think so.

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