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Making Extra Income Has Never Been This Easy

a retro postcard states "Greetings from cape cod Mass"

Renting can be an excellent way to retain the use of your home for part of the vacation season while deriving added income during the remaining weeks. As with most business ventures however, successful renting is predicated on a positive, realistic understanding of the rental business. It’s essential that you, as landlord, possess a belief in the basic integrity of people. Nine out of ten tenants enjoy and respect the property they rent. Add to … Read more…


two signs - for sale by owner vs Realtor

You might not believe it but Spring is here and with that comes prospective buyers dreaming of a summer vacation. What does this mean for you? ANSWER: this is a great time to sell. But, should you act as your own real estate agent? And if you do, will you be successful? Consider these points: Today’s savvy buyers know the real estate market. How well versed are you in such marketing know-how as using appraisal values, … Read more…