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“Mine, mine, mine!!” – Private vs Public Property


Walking the beach—whether we have the pleasure of doing so yearround or only for brief periods of time, the water draws us to its edge. But what if access to your favorite stretches of shoreline were suddenly denied? Not possible, you say? Consider the following: History tells us that in the 1600s the Commonwealth of Massachusetts enacted legislation which guaranteed its citizens the use of beaches for hunting, fishing and navigating, at the low water … Read more…

43,000 Acres of Amazing Vacation Exploration


Extending some forty miles from Chatham to Provincetown, the Cape Cod National Seashore comprises more than 43,000 acres. If you’re a relative newcomer to Cape Cod, perhaps you’re not aware of the Seashore’s positive effect on Lower Cape real estate values. Surveys of the Atlantic coast by the National Park Service, in 1939 and in 1953, prompted attempts to protect this land from the danger of widespread development. Historically, resulting proposals incited tremendous controversy among … Read more…

Making Extra Income Has Never Been This Easy


Renting can be an excellent way to retain the use of your home for part of the vacation season while deriving added income during the remaining weeks. As with most business ventures however, successful renting is predicated on a positive, realistic understanding of the rental business. It’s essential that you, as landlord, possess a belief in the basic integrity of people. Nine out of ten tenants enjoy and respect the property they rent. Add to … Read more…